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Cool River Guarantee

Should the canine develop hereditary hip Dysplasia, retinal Dysplasia, cataracts or any other condition that is a direct cause of breeding, as determined by a licensed veterinary, the purchaser is eligible for a replacement puppy provided certain conditions are met:

1. Proof of AKC or CKC registration is required to determine that the canine was registered to the original purchaser of the puppy. Only AKC or CKC registration papers will be used to determine actual ownership of the animal.

2. In regards to hip Dysplasia, only a certified OFA reading/report will be used to determined CHD and actual written report of such evidence must be provided to me.

3. In regards to hereditary eye problems, only a certified and licensed veterinary ophthalmologist will be used and a written report forwarded to me.

4. Any and all expenses incurred as a result of veterinary testing for the above problems and any others provided under this guarantee are the responsibility of the registered owner.

If the above conditions are met, in order to receive a replacement pup or full purchase price (at the breeder's discretion), one of the below stipulations must be utilized;
1. Signed registration papers AKC or CKC returned to me or a letter from a licensed veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered.
2. Dog is returned to me with AKC or CKC papers.

All expenses incurred, as result of medical procedures or shipping of the canine back to me is the owner's responsibility.

THE OWNER HAS 26 MONTHS (FROM THE DATE OF BIRTH) TO UTILIZE THE GUARANTEE IF SO DESIRED. This guarantee becomes void if any of the following apply: the canine is breed, sold or excessive obesity exist.

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